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Rocket bunny toyota gt86

  • FRP Car body kit for Toyota GT 86 Subaru BRZ
  • 100% Brand New Car body kit
  • This is High quality of FRP material .
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Rocket bunny toyota gt86
Rocket bunny toyota gt86

Scion FR-S/Rocket bunny toyota gt86

The Rocket bunny toyota gt86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ took the sports car world by storm back in 2013 during their introduction because they went back to sports car roots – lightweight and rear wheel drive with a particular emphasis on having fun during the drive.

While nearly universally praised for its handling prowess, its critics haven’t backed down about pointing out its very glaring lack of power from the factory, even after four model years.

That’s when the community screams back that the car was meant to be a blank slate from factory – something that you were meant to make fast and look cool – asking for the complete package off the assembly line is just being lazy and unimaginative, right?

Overview Rocket bunny toyota gt86
Overview Rocket bunny toyota gt86

That’s why I couldn’t bear to just build a plain ‘ol stock FR-S or 86. To be sure, the stock car has its charm, but I thought it would be fitting to go with a version of the car that’s been all the rage on the scene – in a sea of these cars, a surefire way to stand out is with a widebody. But not just any widebody.

This is one of the few (maybe only) plastic model kits produced by a mainstream company that comes out of the box as a modified widebody kit car. I wasn’t quite ready to try a complete resin widebody kit yet, so this was a safer option, since all I’m working with here is the traditional plastic.

Hey good on you Aoshima! Finally some completed model pictures on the box.

Obviously this is a GReddy and Rocket bunny toyota gt86 collaboration car – the box has a nice parts breakdown of what makes the magic of the build.

This is actually one of two versions of this kit that Aoshima released – this would be the Volk Racing version. The other kit seems visually identical with the same widebody and aero parts, but is designated as the Enkei Version, which I assume means that it sports Enkei wheels instead of Volks Racing Wheels like this kit does.

Review Rocket bunny toyota gt86
Review Rocket bunny toyota gt86
  • I went with this kit on the sole basis that it looked less cambered – the other kit seemed to be way too slammed for my tastes, though I later learned that both kits offer the option to adjust camber anyway.
  • The sheer box size was a bit intimidating. Much larger and deeper than a standard kit, and completely dwarfs older kits like the 300zx
  • The main body comes with a lot of extra plastic bits to keep it from flexing in the box. Of course, gloss black because GReddy’s actual demo car is gloss black.
  • Pretty stock-looking interior parts. Not even racing bucket seats!
  • I appreciate the inclusion of left-hand drive parts here. I may eat, sleep, and dream JDM, but when push comes to shove I’d be damned if I were to drive on the wrong side of the car.
  • Hood, bumpers, miscellaneous body parts. I’m actually kind of bummed this Rocket Bunny V2 kit doesn’t come with new front and rear bumpers – it’s just overfenders, diffusers, and a wing. And of course, the overfenders and wing in question.
  • Chrome runners included mostly for the lights and exhaust components.
  • This would be my first time attempting a model kit widebody, so I was curious how Aoshima would have us work it. As I was flipping through the manual I found the fender attachment instructions near the end – and was shocked to find that it looks like we’re actually meant to cut the stock fenders, the same way you’d install a widebody on a real car.
  • The weird part is that the manual talks about using a template to cut the desired bits off the fenders…but no separate template pieces are given so my best guess was that we’re actually supposed to cut those shaded pieces out of the manual and use them to trace on the body of the car. I’ve never encountered a kit that’s actually mandated cutting into the manual before – it takes parts out of the instructions on the reverse side too.

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