Supra mk4 body kit for Toyota car

Supra Mk4 body kit glossy finish trunk wing lip fibre rear quality

Supra Mk4 body kit glossy

· Carbon fiber body kits.
· Enhance the Overall Appearance of Your vehicle.
· Carbon Fiber material .
· Sold as one set or more .
· Easy installation Process. Use 3M tape and screws to installation.
· Packaing Carton box .

Supra mk4 body kit
Supra mk4 body kit

Dress up your car with the addition of this product. These products enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle and give the impression. It’s not all about appearance, It are also functional by protecting your car. If you love your car and want to avoid bumper in parking lots, these are a very good solution.

Supra Mk4 body kit Carbon Fiber products is manufactured with hi-temp, hand-laid carbon fiber material,it has a marine clear-gel coat with UV protection to keep it durable.


Overview Supra Mk4

Back in 2014 the car world received a big news – there is going to be a Mk5 Supra soon. The concept shown to the world back then was the Toyota FT-1, which was undoubtedly, a very good looking thing.

The FT-1 was a car loved by many. Not only because of the beauty of the thing, but because of the name that it may end up carrying – Supra. The Mk5 Supra too is a car, still is now, on the list of dream cars by many.

Especially people who are borne in the nineties and the noughties, because the Supra Mk4 body kit were so popular yet so rare, they couldn’t get them cheaply in the used car market. Hence why they would wish that the Mk5 Supra will be something that they can potentially own and modify.

Safe to say, I am not one of them. I not only don’t like the Supra Mk4 body kit, I really really dislike the Mk4 Supra.

Overview supra mk4 body kit
Overview supra mk4 body kit

What are you about talking exactly?

You can call me mad if you want to, but the Supra Mk4 body kit has never been my cup of tea. It has always been too heavy and too soft for me stock wise. There are also way nicer cars to look at in the same segment of the market.

Yes you can add rollcages and strut bars so on to stiffen it, but my goodness, looking at the thing rolling round Tsukuba in old Best Motoring videos, this thing is like a pig round the bends and so on. It was horrible.

The keyword here is ‘tuned’. I do freely admit, that the Supra’s 2JZ is extremely capable. I often see them go for 1000bhp easily without much major modifications. The problem here is that stock, they aren’t great.

Even if the engine is, the car still won’t be that great because of an engine. Hell you can even grab one of the 2JZ engines from a Toyota Aristo, which is sort of like the Japanese version of the Lexus GS300.

Toyota supra mk4
Toyota supra mk4
  • Being the flagship sportscar of a firm, I would assume that Toyota would develop an engine from ground up, not just grab whatever in the firm’s parts bin to put it in the engine. I myself don’t find it attractive at all.
  • The competition however, is much more attractive. The NSX for example, has a C30B/C32B engine that is made from the ground up to scare the world, and show the world that it’s capable of doing great things.
  • You might say ‘But the NSX is much more expensive than the Supra though’. I get it, so what about the RX-7, a car that is front-engined, rear-drive, like the Supra, costs just about the same as the Supra. The RX-7 however has a 13B twin turbo engine, which is like nothing else.
  • The handling too, is superb as well. The Mazda is capable of lapping Tsukuba, stock, in the 1:04 barrier, which was unheard of back in the days.

The reason behind all the fame of the Supra Mk4 body kit, I think, is because of the Fast and Furious franchise. It brought to most of our minds that – a Supra is a car for drag racing, it’s very powerful and capable.

Yet that’s about it. You might argue that the Supra dominated the early JGTC (The Japanese GT series), but let’s not forget, when Nissan took over with the R34 GT-R, it too dominated the series. The NSX too was super attractive, the ARTA NSX even broke the Tsukuba lap record, showing that Supra Mk4 body kit aren’t the only great GT race car in the 90s Japanese era.

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