Details Suzuki celerio stickers

Suzuki Celerio Stickers Car Door Sill Scuff Plate Carbon Fiber 4pcs

Details Suzuki Celerio Stickers

Item Type:Auto interior accessories/ Door Entry Guard Sticker

  • Model:These Door Entry Guard Stickers perfectly fit for Suzuki CELERIO
  • Material:4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sticker
  • Fitment:For Suzuki Celerio Stickers
  • Features:
    1)Decorate your car and make your car more personalized.
    2)Protecting the door sill from scratches and dirty.
    3)It is waterproof, antislip, dustproof.
Suzuki celerio stickers
Suzuki celerio stickers

Review car Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Celerio is a small car in Class A Hatchback segment, after its launch, this model has conquered many fastidious customers because of the quality that it brings, at the same time “saving gas” effectively.

A car model that many owners invest in a business model. In addition, many families choose for their daily travel needs because of many outstanding advantages as well as practical convenience that it brings.

To learn more about every smallest detail in the Suzuki Celerio Stickers model, let’s take a look at the “expensive” reviews from car experts on the market today.

Setup easy Suzuki celerio stickers
Setup easy Suzuki celerio stickers

Introduction of the Suzuki Celerio series

Currently, the Suzuki Celerio 2019 model is distributed with 2 main variants, CVT and MT. In particular, it is recorded that the floor number (MT) version is receiving a lot of attention from customers wishing to buy vehicles for service business. Also, the automatic transmission version (CVT) is not inferior when it is selected for everyday family travel needs.

Just roll and like. Therefore, Suzuki Celerio boxed drivers warmly receive “love” from customers when present in the Vietnamese market. This model storms the market and deserves the price for investment.

As an imported model, there are many outstanding points that make buyers nod when they announce them to the market at an appropriate price.

Interior Suzuki celerio stickers
Interior Suzuki celerio stickers

What is special about the exterior and interior of the Suzuki Celerio?

Admittedly, Suzuki Celerio is designed with a small appearance and fits the need of flexible movement in the inner city. It really stands out with the metal grille, seamlessly with large headlights, so it looks very trendy at first glance.

Better yet, the lower air cavity is also designed in a proportional trapezoid, with metal foil lining up. The thicker and stiffer front bumper is also one of the outstanding advantages of the Suzuki Celerio.

It is a car worth investing in because it has a lightly stamped capo, connected to a multi-dimensional reflective halogen front light. Not only that, the Suzuki Celerio Stickers also has a halogen daytime running light and two round fog lamps located independently on the side, so it is very convenient to move the car on any journey.

And yet, the new Suzuki Celerio model also features intermittent wipers and rear-glass heating to help maintain the driver’s vision in some extreme weather conditions. This is a great plus point that Suzuki Celerio car gives users.

The cabin of the car is designed simply by the company but extremely delicate to each smallest line, divided into two layers of layers.

Possessing a prominent center console with a rounded silver border in the lower two corners. The wind cavity on the sides is circular, designed with delicate silver trim, eye-catching.

The 3-spoke steering wheel, the application of Urethane material, should ensure excellent durability and safety for Suzuki Celerio cars.

Talking about the display instrument cluster of the car, it is highly appreciated, because it displays many useful information such as fuel consumption, fuel exhaust warning, warning not closing the car, outdoor temperature and equipped with digital watches,… so it is extremely convenient.

Seat chair Suzuki celerio stickers
Seat chair Suzuki celerio stickers

Seat space

This box has a wheelbase of 2425 mm, space in the car is designed to give the occupants the most comfortable.

But considering the general characteristics of small cars, Suzuki Celerio has enough leg room. But in return this car has the ability to move extremely flexibly.

All car seats are very airy and clean for passengers to use.

The special feature of the interior that makes this model so popular is that the front and back window can be conveniently adjusted.

The rear seats support 60:40 folding and can be adjusted the rear seats in many flexible ways.

Comfort and safety Suzuki Celerio

Through the interior part listed specifically above, it is certain that this is a car that offers many conveniences for you to choose and use:

The car has a touch screen to install and use the integrated reverse camera application.
Wireless connection with smartphone via Bluetooth system, or USB / AUX charging port.

Suzuki Celerio Stickers Equipped with a standard 4-speaker audio system that brings entertainment and relaxation for the occupants.
Convenient mechanical design, integrated filtration system to improve air quality in the car to help passengers most comfortable when traveling.

This is an imported car, so of course it will inherit a modern and complete safety system. In which, include the required elements:

Equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system
Electronic brake force distribution EBD
2 airbags and a durable chassis system.
Suzuki Celerio is also equipped with a 3-point seat belt with front seats with automatic belt tension and limited tension.

ISOFIX child lock is extremely convenient for families with children, child safety locks before wheelchairs.
In addition, this model is also highly appreciated by many customers thanks to the convenient remote central locking support system. Make sure the owner can safely leave the car to go wherever he wants.

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