Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill

Suzuki s-cross accessories sill scuff guard cover sticker Sx4

Features Suzuki s-cross accessories sill

Brand new and high quality
Self-adhesive and removable.
Firmly affixed to the car, do not fade, do not hurt the paint.
Temperature resistant,no shrinking,waterproof,long-term durability
4PCS Stickers Per Set (2pcs front door dill cover,2pcs rear door dill cover)

Front door Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill
Front door Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill

Suzuki S-Cross is an SUV equipped with a multitude of convenient technologies

Let’s learn about the Suzuki S-Cross Sx4 car. The Suzuki s-cross accessories sill will be sold at the Japanese automaker’s NEXA dealership in the Indian market. This model will use the petrol engine K-Series BS VI 1.5 liter. This is the engine that appeared on the Suzuki CIaz and then the Suzuki Vitara.

In addition to the DDiS 200 oil engine, the Suzuki S-Cross is also equipped with a BS6 K-Series 1.5-liter petrol engine that is fine-tuned to produce 103 hp at 6,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 138. Nm at 4,400 rpm. This engine comes with a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission.


The rival of the Mazda CX-5, the Honda CR-V has a fuel consumption of 18.55 km / liter on the manual version, the automatic transmission has a fuel consumption of 18.43 km / liter. Suzuki S-Cross petrol engine owns a new generation Smart Hybrid system with dual li-ion electric battery with stop-start feature, torque assist and regenerative braking.

In terms of features, Suzuki S-Cross equipped with SmartPlay studio with 7-inch infotainment screen with traffic information update, voice recognition, AHA radio connection and App Smartplay Studio. The system also has smart smartphone connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

Suzuki S-Cross equipped with safety features such as self-translucent rearview mirror, reverse camera, gear shift indicator and 2 front airbags, ABS brake with EBD stability control, seat belt reminder, parking assist, high-speed warning, reverse parking sensor, child seat latch system ISOFIX.

Setup Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill
Setup Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill

Suzuki Vitara or Suzuki SX4 S-Cross?

The new Suzuki s-cross accessories sill is not being sold in Russia as intelligently as its creators intended. Owners find an average of 150 vehicles a month. And there are a number of reasons for this. In addition to its rather mediocre appearance and modest “one and six” single engines, popularity is hampered by a substantial price tag.

The optimal version of the GLE 1.6 CVT 2WD costs 1,039,000 rubles. For the same amount (1,065,000 rubles) you can buy the Vitara subcompact crossover. Unfortunately, such a novelty would be much more modest. But it will be a car of the current production year, not 2014, like all the SX4s currently sold in Russia.

The Japanese have borrowed the name of the popular off-road vehicle that is known to many Suzuki fans, which has created the glory of the brand since the 80s of the last century. Interestingly, in the domestic market, the novelty met with the Escudo.

View Car Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill
View Car Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill

This model is based on the SX4 crossover platform, probably 100 mm (up to 2500 mm) long. What is more surprising is that in terms of the spaciousness of the rear sofa, Vitara is almost on par with the giver. And in fact, it claims to be one of the most spacious interiors in the B-segment. Thanks to the layout engineers for the slightly more vertical seating arrangement than the Suzuki s-cross accessories sill.

The interior design of both crossovers is practically identical. Only the finishing of plastic inserts on the front panel with bright colors directs “Vitara” towards the younger subject. However, the premium roof system does not have this.

A Japanese car with a well-equipped European-style interior is not very often met to this day. It is a pity that the body of the younger model is 9 cm shorter and 6 cm narrower. This inevitably results in a loss of useful displacement (375 versus 430 liters).

Interior Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill
Interior Suzuki s-cross accessories Sill

Suzuki s-cross accessories sill But the short wheelbase and more compact overhangs have a positive effect on the vehicle’s off-road capability. On bumpy roads where the SX4 is in danger of scratching the bumper and rejecting the door sill, Vitara drivers will be able to drive more confidently.

And perhaps most importantly, all new two-pedal versions get a six-speed automatic transmission, while the SX4 gets a variant. Thrust control in any of the Vitara modes will be more convenient.

On the asphalt, both cars are not riders – each can use sharper steering. Overall, the Vitara’s handling abilities are perhaps more accurate. However, in place of the same 117-hp engine for both cars, a faster one is being requested.

By the way, Suzuki s-cross accessories sill a more vibrant turbo version will appear on the Vitara in 2016. Whereas the SX4 speeds up a little more confidently at city speeds, and the Vitara is more suitable when the speed dial goes beyond one. hundred. Thanks to the “more powerful” top shift in the automatic transmission.

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