Body kit for Secret toyota supra perfect

Top secret supra body kit Carbon Fiber drag wing

Top secret supra body kit

Consists of the following items :

  • Top secret supra body kit Complete front bumper (including attached undertray)
  • Complete front wings (requires the use of stock wings)
  • Complete pair of side skirts
  • Complete rear quarter panels
  • Rear bumper panel (joins the rear quarters)
Body kit for Secret toyota supra
Body kit for Secret toyota supra

Optional Parts :

  • GT300 Rear Wing in Carbon Fibre
  • Rear TS Under bumper diffuser avaiable in carbon or black GRP
  • Front Fog Lights
  • Perspex Front Bumper Covers
  • This kit requires a professional body shop who is used to working with GRP, Meduza is capable of installing and painting this kit, please email or call for quotes.

Top Secret Toyota Supra by Smokey Nagata

Earlier this year, we featured the legendary V12 Top secret supra body kit by Smokey Nagara. The car had that made over 900 horsepower and hit 222 mph (358 km/h) on the Nardo track shares its exclusive body kit with this, the Supra “Final Evolution.”

Japanese tuner Top Secret created this unique kit in the 2000s. It’s called the Final Evolution, pays homage to the JZA80 spec, and completely changes the look of the iconic street racing machine.

As you’re probably aware, the older generation of the Top secret supra body kit had this kind of bubble look. It still looked sporty, and nobody dared to disrespect it, but it somehow didn’t match the performance of the 2JZ or the fighter jet cockpit.

Driving Top secret supra body kit
Driving Top secret supra body kit

Nagata-san and his team changed all that. But from what we gather, the Final Evolution kit cost something like $10,000 and there’s not many of them out there. This one, belonging to Trap Team, has recently landed in the U.S., where it became part of a video feature by That Racing Channel.

The sports car is as white as the snow on Fujisan and looks more like a Honda S2000 than a Top secret supra body kit. The nose is low and pointy, shaped like a hammerhead shark. Bespoke headlights have also been installed, while the air vents down the side of the widebody kit are completely functional, feeding intercoolers or cooling brakes.

The stance is understated but adds to the appeal of the car. Work XSA 04C wheels match the sharp body kit and the 19-inch fronts also allow for bigger Brembo brakes. This car looks a little low, but fear not, as a lift kit has been installed.

Pop the hood and you won’t be too disappointed that there’s no V12 under there. Instead, you have one of the cleanest 2JZ-GTE engines we’ve ever seen, matched to a full HKS stroker kit. The tuner not only boosted the displacement to 3.4 liters but also added stylish piping. With forged internals at its disposal and an HKS T04Z turbocharger, the setup can put down 800 horsepower.

Review Top secret supra body kit
Review Top secret supra body kit

Designed on the Car

Top secret supra body kit, All our kits are designed on the cars they are designed to fit. This means that all our kits are designed to fit the brackets and fixing points you already have on your car.


Despite all our best efforts to create you perfectly fitting kits, there will always need to be some minor adjustments made to your car during fitting. This can be the moving or removal of minor parts and brackets. This is nothing to an that experienced body-shop will struggle with.

Please read before purchase

  • Top secret supra body kit – Items must be examined before signing for them with the courier or delivery company. All items are checked by us before they are dispatched to make sure there are no damages present. We will not be responsible for any damages reported to us after the item has been signed for. The delivery driver is fully obliged to wait whilst you inspect the item, despite what they may say at the time (courier drivers work on commission basis so want to deliver as quickly as possible).
  • The driver MUST wait whilst you inspect the parcel and if damaged then the item must be signed for damaged with the courier for us to cover any claim for a damaged item. Also, we will accept no responsibility for damaged reported to us if you have instructed the courier to leave the item without signature or with a neighbour. All items must be checked for damages before signing for them at your address and if damaged present this must be noted on the courier signature pad / docket.

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