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Introduction of FRP

86 rocket bunny FRP is fiber reinforced composite plastic l, glass fiber reinforced composite plastic, belongs to the polymer composite materials, high performance fiber composites by various kinds of high performance fiber as reinforcing in the substrate material compound and into, it is fiber in the field of polymer materials in recent years, rapid development of special fiber.

They have excellent mechanical properties, including high performance fiber refers to have a high tensile strength and compression strength, resistance to friction, high damage and low proportion of excellent properties such as fiber material.

And fatigue resistance, creep resistance, material size stability, high wear resistance, small friction coefficient, high vibration attenuation, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, shielding electromagnetic wave and X-ray and a series of advantages.It has so many functions that it can be used for a wide range of purposes, ranging from practical applications in aerospace to sporting and sporting goods.

86 rocket bunny kit best
86 rocket bunny kit best


  • Carbon fiber car body kit for 86 rocket bunny.
  • 100% Brand New .
  • Durable material resistant to UV, water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acid and oil.
  • Light weight and durability.
  • This is High quality of CF material .
  • Easy installation, Excellent fitment and Superior Material.
  • All of our products are gel-coated and highly inspected before shipping.

With Rocket Bunny

Kei Miura’s design has gained global acclaim for the trend-setting style that drives automotive enthusiast, to demand authentic 86 rocket bunny / Pandem aero kits.

However, it’s the top quality Japanese-made versions, which GReddy exclusively imports, which has gained the devotion and admiration of racers, car show winners and their installers. The main reason is, the top quality construction and fitment that only precision manufacturing can provide. Japanese-made 86 rocket bunny / Pandem kits only use the highest quality FRP materials and proper curing times to prevent distortion.

Unlike most other aero kits, which rely on hand-shaped clay or urethane; every Rocket Bunny / Pandem aero kit begins with a full vehicle laser-scan. This creates a detailed 3D digital rendering of the stock vehicle. From there, master designer, Kei Miura draws inspiration from his background in Japanese classic car culture, to rethink and reinvent the overall image of modern vehicles with old school design cues.

Review Toyota 86 rocket bunny
Review Toyota 86 rocket bunny

Miura pays careful attention not to ruin key features of the original car’s design. He strives to enhance the overall look of the vehicle. The CG rendering is then revised and refined until it meets Miura’s exacting standards. The intricate process does not end there; the digital data is then entered into his in-house CNC mill.

From huge polystyrene blocks, each component has it’s negative carved out to help build perfectly shaped and symmetrical master molds. Japanese-made 86 rocket bunny kits are not massed produced, so great care is taken for each component. The end result is a superior fitting aero kit with an artful design that is admired and sought after by car enthusiasts around the world.

Toyota is doing what is 86

Around back, there’s a huge diffuser. The combination of massive rear spoiler and equally large wing should provide a gargantuan amount of downforce at the tail.

It rides on a set of Forgestar F14 19-inch wheels that are 9.5 inches wide in front and 11 inches wide at the back. To dress them up, there are carbon-fiber center caps and STI valve stem caps.

With a look this extreme, you might expect this 86 to have the extra power to back it up. That’s not necessarily the case for this car, though. It features an HKS intake and Greddy cat-back exhaust. However, the rest of the rest of the changes are mainly aesthetic. There are pieces like blue fuel rail covers and matching cam plate. In addition, there’s a carbon fiber fuse box cover. Diode Dynamics supplies the engine bay LED kit.

Toyota 86 rocket bunny price promotion
Toyota 86 rocket bunny price promotion
  • To keep the engine running at the right temperature, there’s a Cusco oil cooler. Mishimoto supplies the radiator, fan shroud, coolant reservoir, and all of the necessary hoses. 
  • The 86 now rides on a variety of pieces from Cusco, including the coilovers, differential brace, rear shock brace, steering rack reinforcement brace, and front strut bar.
  • While not pictured here, the 86 rocket bunny also has an overhauled cabin. The driver and passenger sit in red-suede-upholstered Braum Elite racing seats. Carbon fiber and alumium trim now covers parts of the interior. Red stitched Alcantara covers the speaker trim, dashboard, and knee pad. A Diode Dynamics LED kit also lights up the surroundings in there.
  • In all, this 86 rocket bunny is quite an eye-catcher. It doesn’t have quite muscle as the Rocket-Bunny-equipped Subaru BRZ packing a General Motors LS3 6.2-liter V8 making 580 horsepower (433 kilowatts) and 673 pound-feet (913 Newton-meters) of torque from a few months ago.

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