Toyota 86 wide body

Toyota 86 wide body 2Pcs Glossy Black Side Fender perfect

Toyota 86 wide body

  • Toyota 86 wide body Fender Flares made by Rally Backer of Japan for the Toyota 86 wide body, Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ (Zenki 2012-2016 or Kouki 2017+). The kit can make you run super wide wheels while giving your car a much deserved super aggressive look.
  • It’ll sure help with clearance of wide wheels and meaty tires and still follows the aggressive lines of the car. Please note that the Front Lip, Ducktail Spoiler & Rear Diffuser (new product) are not included.
  • Toyota 86 wide body Confirmed fitment : Front 18x11J –20 & 25mm spacer and Rear 18×12.5 –40 & 30mm spacer. This means that offset is front –45 and rear –70 if they don’t use spacers. Camber was adjusted for this fitment.
wide body for Toyota 86
wide body for Toyota 86

Rocket Bunny 2JZ Toyota GT86

When Kiran Halsey set out to build a scene-defining GT86, he had his work cut out – because he hadn’t tried anything like this before. But what he’s achieved here is something mystical, defying the very laws of nature itself.

Some people just really get this modifying stuff, don’t they? Sure, the aftermarket is sufficiently massive and foolproof that anyone can buy a bunch of off-the-shelf parts and put together a decent car, but there’s a certain special something within the chosen few that delivers real results; an intangible, indefinable quality that imbues the modding elite with an inherent and uncanny ability to build jaw-dropping, show-stopping rides.

Review Toyota 86 wide body
Review Toyota 86 wide body

Kiran Halsey is one such person. So when we learn that this is his first crack at modifying a car, it’s necessary to have a bit of a sit down and wipe the double-takes from our eyes. “I previously had an Audi TT TDI which I put some RS4 wheels on, but that was about the extent of it,” he grins, clearly amused by how much he’s shocked us. “This is my first modified car – but I set myself a goal to build the UK’s most outrageous GT86.

But why an ’86? Well, the seed of the idea was planted a few years back on a family holiday to the States. Kiran had seen videos online of Ryan Tuerck drifting his 2JZ-powered Scion FRS through the streets of New York (the FRS, GT86 and Subaru BRZ being essentially the same car with different badges), and he was just blown away by the drama of it all.

Couple this with the fact that the Toyota 86 wide body scene in the US has blown up and gone insane, and before long our man’s fate was sealed. He knew unequivocally what he must do. There was no doubt in his mind.

I noticed that at the time there was next to no ’86 scene in the UK, other than the older Levins and Truenos,” he recalls. “Not one to follow the crowd, I thought ‘Why not?’, and set about planning something that would define the platform in the UK.

This car was found in the usual way, scrolling through Pistonheads for weeks on end until the right one presented itself; interestingly, this particular one was markedly more expensive than all the other examples of similar vintage, which piqued Kiran’s interest.

Toyota 86 wide body perfect
Toyota 86 wide body perfect

On clicking through, he discovered that it was running a Stage 1 turbo conversion, pushing out over 300bhp instead of the factory 197bhp, and also had bucket seats, coilovers and a rollcage. He was immediately smitten and snapped it up. But of course, this would turn out to be more involved than a tale of someone browsing the classifieds and rolling someone else’s project.

I’ve had it for four years now and at no stage has it ever been – or do I think it will ever be – finished,” he smiles. “My first modification was a set of Bola B1 wheels, which I actually bought before I picked up the car. And it just spiralled out of control from there.” One of the more noticeable elements, as you’ve probably spotted, is the Rocket Bunny V1 kit.

This was an early addition, and Kiran was at pains to ensure it was markedly different from every other V1 on the global scene; rather than simply bolting it on, it’s been smoothed carefully into the original bodywork, an absence of skirts or splitters keeping it clean and really accentuating the aggressive girth of the arches.

Naturally you can’t have massive wide arches without the right wheels to fill them, and he’s gone über-premium here with a set of full-fat WORK Meister S1 custom splits, 9-inch wide at the front and a whopping 12×18-inch out back. And it’d look a bit mad to be rocking this epic combo without the stance being absolutely on-point, which explains the presence of Air Lift Performance suspension with 3H management. This is a fella who insists on the best, after all, and there are no half-measures here.

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