Details Toyota prius body kit

Toyota prius body kit ABS plastic unpainted rear roof wing trunk best

Toyota prius body kit

  • The Toyota prius body kit is to decorate or add accessories to the outside body of the car. The car body kit is in the exterior decoration category because the package will not affect any components in the car’s interior.
  • In terms of materials, if you buy the Toyota prius body kit imported from suppliers such as Ativus, Uncle …, it is made of high quality PP plastic with stable durability or composite body.
Toyota prius body kit
Toyota prius body kit

Review Toyota Prius: The car of the times

With the arrival of the new generation, Toyota prius body kit not only improved the performance of the car, but also brought an extremely eye-catching appearance to the Prius.

On the current market there are some competitors with the Prius such as the Chevrolet Volt and Hyundai loniq, the exterior of these models has “slightly oriented” similar to the previous generation of Prius. Meanwhile, Toyota prius body kit has spent a lot of resources to make the design of the 4th generation of the Prius special to create a separate image for its “baby”.

The Prius’s design does not seem to follow any rules, angled veins and many cutouts are used mostly for the exterior. The color scheme for the Pirus car is also carefully considered by Toyota when the company does not use a lot of red for the rear lights, instead it will have more black and clear plastic to create a sporty substance.

The car uses 17-inch large wheels with black markings in the center, the rear looks quite large and superficial, while the front of the car is shaped by many sharp cuts in the lights and the two sides of the bumper. Help Prius “convey” the message of a future car model.

Overview Toyota prius body kit
Overview Toyota prius body kit

However, the design of the car lights is controversial with the option of LED headlights combined with fog lights to create a dense lighting system and this is more suitable for a large SUV like the Caddilac. is Prius.

In previous versions, the prius’s interior did not seem to say it was an electric car – the trend of the future. However, in the interior of the new Prius, Toyota prius body kit finally realizes that and creates a very modern design for the car.

Electronic dashboard is placed in the middle of the dashboard, reminiscent of the design of the famous Vios model. Soft plastic interior surface gives the car a luxurious look. The entertainment system uses the touch screen with integrated navigation map.

Similar to what Honda did on the 2016 Civic, Toyota prius body kit has changed the shape and the way each knob and knob in the car works. They no longer carry the design style of 1993 Corollas, but instead are the modern look that an electric car needs.

Another factor improved by toyota is the driver’s vision, the company has tried to create a more comfortable sitting space than the previous generation by increasing the area of ​​glass for the driver to have a broader view.

The comfort in the second row is almost on par with a midsize sedan, in fact under the floor where the large Lithium-ion battery is hidden. The Prius is also built to save the best battery space, making the luggage compartment appear deeper and wider than a sedan.

Monitor GPS Toyota prius body kit
Monitor GPS Toyota prius body kit

Driving ability

On the new generation Prius, Toyota already knows how to increase handling when the car has a sharp corner or a constant need to steer, the solid connection of the rear suspension creates this for the car. . However, the Prius’s weaknesses appear on the steering wheel because it is quite light when traveling on the highway at high speeds.

The car uses a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor to help the car with 121 horsepower capacity. Contrary to the appearance, the performance of the car is not impressive when the car accelerating seems difficult, which is not difficult to understand when the company defines the Prius as a cheap, environmentally friendly car and low fuel costs. If you have a good budget and love the feeling of acceleration, the Telsa Model S is probably the better choice.

Fuel economy seems to be the most important thing when owning the Prius. The fuel usage that the driver is due to is 5.8 liters / 100km in 5 days driving, with most of the time the car is traveling on the highway and using the automatic gas mode. A pretty impressive figure.

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