Toyota supra 2020 body kit

Toyota supra 2020 body kit Double side Carbon Fiber good

Toyota supra 2020 body kit

  • The Toyota supra 2020 body kit is decorative or can add accessories to the body on the outside of the car. The Toyota supra 2020 body kit of a car belongs to a category of exterior decoration because this package will not affect any of the components inside the car’s interior.
  • Depending on the different body kit, its shape, structure and components are also different. Take for example the Toyota line – one of the most successful cars in the automotive market. The Toyota supra 2020 body kit is also available in several different options for customers.
Body kit best fotToyota supra 2020
Body kit best fotToyota supra 2020
  • Next, if you feel that the ATIVUS Toyota supra 2020 body kit version has been used by a lot of people before, you can refer to the toyota NKS body kit model with a very luxurious style and no less very fancy.
  • And for example, the NKS Toyota supra 2020 body kit package, they also equipped with a fish tail or maybe a wide body at the side of the Toyota supra 2020 body kit on the car wheel.

Review Toyota Supra 2020 – worthy of the 21 years of waiting

Since the most recent upgrade two decades ago, the Toyota Supra 2020 has brought many expectations for a powerful, safe and fuel-efficient sports car.

Toyota does not disappoint fans. The new Supra is greatly upgraded, a powerful 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, adding more features.

The reappeared coupe hatchback design marks the effective partnership between the Toyota Gazoo Racing and BMW racing divisions. Short body design, extended width, powerful engine, the Supra 2020 is considered one of the most versatile sports cars available today.

Overview Toyota supra 2020 body kit
Overview Toyota supra 2020 body kit

The 5th generation Supra inherits many design features of the 4th generation from the 90s. The Supra 2020 looks like a reduced version of the 2014 FT-1 concept.

The Toyota supra 2020 body kit is highly appreciated for its solid chassis system, 50/50 balance force distribution, low center of gravity, 5-link aluminum rear suspension, adjustable adaptive dampers.

Supra 2020 is also equipped with active rear differential, non-linear hydraulic power system, 13.7 inch front brake rotor with 4-piston brake clamp.

Vehicles using Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, size 255 / 35R19 (front tire), 275 / 35R19 (rear tire), dry weight 1,540 kg.

On the racetrack, the Supra 2020 impresses with high flexibility, instant acceleration. The short wheelbase makes cornering convenient, and the brakes generate reasonable traction and acceleration for quick cornering.

Supra 2020 has 2 driving modes, Normal (normal) and Sport (sport). Depending on the driving mode, the car will adjust traction control, throttle response, steering weight, gear shift points, differential and exhaust customization.

Strong performance

The Toyota Supra 2020 is equipped with BMW’s inline 6-cylinder 3.0L turbocharged engine, with a capacity of 335 horsepower, 494 Nm of torque. Vehicles capable of accelerating 0-96 km / h in 4.1 seconds, maximum speed electronic limit 249 km / h.

Power is always at hand thanks to the 2-port air-intake turbocharger, which pushes traction to a peak at 1,600 rpm. The 8-speed automatic transmission operates smoothly.

The new Supra feels as balanced as it is firmly attached to the road surface, and comfortable enough.

Toyota supra 2020 new
Toyota supra 2020 new

The Comfort setting of the adjustable adaptive damping helps the suspension handle the road surface perfectly, better than you’d expect in a compact sports car.

Supra 2020 helps the Japanese automaker expand its portfolio of sports cars beyond the Toyota 86 with a shorter and wider coupe, not only increasing the pressure on the road, but also stronger.

Toyota Supra 2020 adds an enjoyable driving experience on the track. It shares the structure with the BMW Z4, using the same front suspension with 2 link bars, 5-link rear suspension, adjustable adaptive dampers and Comfort and Sport settings.

The wheelbase is only 2,468 mm long, 101 mm shorter than the Toyota 86 but 76 mm wider.

This size combined with a low center of gravity gives the Supra 2020 high flexibility. Fast entry and exit, good grip, fast turn.

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