Toyota supra mk4 widebody

Toyota supra mk4 widebody fusion mudflaps splash guard full

Toyota supra mk4 widebody

Debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, featured on the Garage Revolver Demo Car. The SUPREME JZA80, which won the Excellence Award in the Tuning Car category at TAS last year, it’s a completely different approach to obtaining and finishing a car of that time in nostalgia, where the best customs now conceived are added to the car that were admired at the time, and the most advanced tuning is applied.

Mk4 widebody for Supra
Mk4 widebody for Supra

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 was felt as a trend to add a new feel to the base cars of the 80s and 90s.

This Toyota supra mk4 widebody was one of those vehicles, and as soon as it was unveiled at the Varis booth, information was transmitted to the rest of the country as well as to the rest of the world.

The name given is “SUPREME”, the best and best supra. The assembled aero kit is worthy of its name, dressy and lacy. It can be said that street tune is the best styling.


Mk4 Toyota Supra

The Top Gear production crew was put in touch with Ravi by Richard Seymour, who is technical and product press officer here at Toyota GB. Ravi then had to drive to the Top Gear studio, where his car was rigged with cameras in the cabin, and then on to the Welsh mountains in preparation for an early morning’s start the following day.

Toyota supra mk4 widebody – “In the morning we drove up to an area where the roads were closed. I was simply observing for most of the day while they did a lot of close-up still shots of the car parked up on the edge of a hill with the sun shining in the background,” says Ravi.

Without giving too much away, the premise of using the Toyota supra mk4 widebody was that Paddy McGuinness always wanted one back in the day. He arrived on set around 9:00am and did a piece-to-camera. He spoke to me a few times and he said that the car was amazing to drive – he was surprised just how good it was.

Overview toyota supra mk4
Overview toyota supra mk4

For Ravi, supplying his Toyota supra mk4 widebody for Top Gear filming is one of the high points of a lifelong obsession with 1990s Japanese car culture.

I had schoolboy crushes on a lot of the cars that were coming out at the time,” he says. “But the Supra just captured my imagination, especially given how different it was to the Mk3 Supra. In 1993, when the Toyota supra mk4 widebody came out, I saw the Top Gear road test with Tiff Needell. When I was 13, I wrote to Toyota GB and said: ‘I really like the Supra, please can you send me some information.’ About two weeks later I received a poster and brochure in the mail. I still have that poster…

“The Supra fascinated me as a car, particularly the whole dashboard. It was just crazy. And you never saw them on the road. I always wanted one, and by the time I could afford one, it was later in life.

Ravi took his time to find a Toyota supra mk4 widebody he liked: “I am a stickler for originality, so it took me a while to find a UK-specification car. First I found an automatic, which was in mint condition and had been serviced by Toyota main dealers, but I suppose the holy grail was to find a manual. I learned an incredible amount about how they worked because beforehand I didn’t know anything – I didn’t even have a spanner to my name. I learned a lot by doing things myself. The Toyota supra mk4 widebody is a car you can do work on yourself, up to a point.

Engine toyota supra mk4 widebody
Engine toyota supra mk4 widebody

When I found a manual it was in need of some love and attention. I bought it via the Toyota supra mk4 widebody forum from a trader selling it on behalf of its only owner. I almost tried to sell it as soon as I got it because it was in worse condition than I had anticipated. It was off the road for four months having all the work done by a professional car restorer.

“I’ve also received a great deal of help from Jemca Reading,” adds Ravi. “My Supra wouldn’t even be fit to appear on Top Gear without the help of Pete Francis, Andy Holtham and the rest of the team at the dealership.

“At the start of the project they recommended a restorer to me, because I didn’t know where to start, and they have subsequently assisted with extensive mechanical work, parts ordering and general guidance. They treat my car like royalty every time it goes in with them.

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