Wide body kit for toyota supra

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Toyota supra wide body kit

  • The Toyota supra wide body kit for the car is made of PU, PP, which is definitely durable, not different from the original car shell, but it has a beautiful design and is more unique than the original shell. From there, creating a completely new look for your car, after finishing, make sure to look at the driver, you will feel the product much more aggressive than before in terms of appearance.
  • Traveling on the road you no longer have the uncomfortable feeling of seeing other cars on the road just like your car, but your car is much more class and luxurious.
Toyota supra GR wide body kit
Toyota supra GR wide body kit
  • Toyota supra wide body kit Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose for your pet driver a corresponding degree package, depending on your budget, you can choose from a few tens of millions to under 100 million. There are many different service packages and how affordable you can choose for yourself the ideal match package.
  • With many different degree packages you can choose for yourself the corresponding degree package when you come here, the consultant will assist you in choosing the right fit for your budget and choosing the right type of Toyota supra wide body kit. Your car.

Close-up of Toyota GR Supra 2021

It takes Toyota fans 17 years to wait for the rebirth of the legendary Toyota supra wide body kit. In response to the expectations of rivals Ford Mustang and Porsche 718 Cayman, the Toyota GR Supra 2021 had a proud performance at the 2019 Bangkok International Motorshow exhibition.

Coming to this event, Toyota proudly introduces the 5th generation Toyota supra wide body kit which is the fastest model in history. Inheriting all the quintessence that the Japanese automaker has, Supra confidently makes its first move in the Southeast Asian market.

Technical specifications

Vehicle name: Toyota GR Supra 2021
Dimension DxRxC (mm): 4380 x 1865 x 1295
Wheelbase (mm): 2470
Engine I-6
Working capacity: 3.0L
Maximum power (hp): 335
Maximum torque (Nm): 494
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Acceleration: (0-100km / h) 4.1 seconds
Maximum speed (km / h): 250
Front / rear suspension: Strut / multi-link
Brake system: Brembo 4 piston
Front tire size: 255/35 / R19
Rear tire size: 275/35 / R19

View Toyota supra GR wide body kit
View Toyota supra GR wide body kit


Toyota supra wide body kit 2021 owns a masculine and proud look when carrying the breath of the FT-1 concept. The overall appearance of the Toyota GR Supra brings an enchanting look when shaped by curves with the golden ratio.

Due to the shared chassis with the BMW Z4 2021 luxury convertible, it is not too difficult to understand when the GR Supra looks very masculine and trendy. Vehicle has overall dimensions of 4380 x 1865 x 1295 mm.

The steering wheel of the GR Supra is divided into 4 separate areas. In the upper part, the two Full LED headlights with water droplets are very sexy and seductive. Placed in the center is the familiar Toyota logo.

Below, the GR Supra is designed by experts in the arrangement of the air intakes and the grille is extremely delicate.

DriverToyota supra GR
DriverToyota supra GR

The mesh surface is deeply concave inward to leave out the soft, trimmed curves. The two sides of the car are plastic panels and a diffuser to help the GR Supra to surf the wind very quickly.

The side of the car makes the viewer think of gentle and elegant ripples. The hood is stretched and slightly bent to the ground, while the entire seat is “arched” slightly to the rear axle.

The double bubble roof is a great point for the car to always stand out when on the road. The entire GR Supra body is supported by 19-inch sport wheels.

The door handles and the hood are painted to match the body color, the rearview mirror is contrasting black. This mirror pair has a useful anti-glare electric folding function.

From the back, it is difficult for any driver to deny the personality beauty that the GR Supra owns. With brake lights similar to F1 racing models in the rugged rear bumper, the GR Supra shows the “own quality” that supercars often have.

The car is equipped with willow leaf-shaped taillights with sharp LED technology. The windsurfing high and winding like a hill is very fancy. The symmetrically arranged dual exhaust is the place where the GR Supra’s signature screams emit.

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