Install Toyota yaris body kit australia details

Toyota yaris body kit australia universal rear wing roof spoiler best

Toyota yaris body kit australia

The purpose of the Toyota yaris body kit australia is to beautify the car to create a unique personality, so color and style are the two factors that are most interested in. The company offers Toyota yaris body kit australia in each different style, but in general, they are quite eye-catching, extremely powerful design.

In the case of a new Toyota yaris body kit australia, if you are not satisfied with what’s available, you can re-paint the front and rear bumper until you feel satisfied with the new Toyota yaris body kit australia. Choose a body structure that suits your budget and your own preferences and personality.

Toyota yaris body kit australia details
Toyota yaris body kit australia details

Quick review of Toyota Yaris G 2018: Imported B grade car, as expensive as C class

Launched on the same day as the Toyota Vios 2018, the Toyota yaris body kit australia also had an equally excellent performance with innovative looks and attractive equipment.

Appearing in the market through the genuine import route from Thailand, the small hatchback Toyota yaris body kit australia has many significant exterior changes compared to the old version. The hatchback model, which is favored by women this time, has only one premium G version with a price of 650 million VND. Here, will share with readers some initial feelings about this model.

Like his cousin Vios 2018, the new generation Yaris also owns an exterior shaped according to the “Keen Look” design language. Specifically, the Toyota Yaris 2018 has a design similar to the Vios 2018: the V-shaped headlight cluster with the Toyota logo in the middle, the inverted trapezoidal grille spreads evenly to the sides.

Toyota yaris body kit australia
Toyota yaris body kit australia

Front light beam includes projector, headlight still uses halogen bulb with integrated daytime LED strip. In addition, the two sides of the grille also have long-clawed fog light recesses designed in the style of fake fish.

Around the rear of the car on the window border, the C-pillar roof is painted black like the previous generation. The rear light cluster has also been redesigned to be slim, streamlined and connected to the rear door to bring a feeling of freshness and modernity.

Toyota Yaris 2018 has the dimensions of 4,151 x 1,730 x 1,500 mm (length x width x height), slightly increased compared to the old version, longer and wider than the rival Honda Jazz, but the height is lower. Next, the car is also equipped with new 16-inch alloy wheels that are more attractive than the previous generation.

The new generation Yaris G possesses a light cream yellow leather interior compartment, a redesigned center console with a 7-inch touch-screen infotainment screen, DVD player combined with a 6-speaker audio system. . Leather steering wheel with integrated 2-way manual adjustment with buttons.

In addition, similar to the high-end Vios 1.5G 2018, the Yaris is also equipped with an unlock system and push-button start. In addition, the leather rear seats of the car are adjustable but now have a 25o recline, an increase of 2o compared to the old generation, providing a more comfortable experience for occupants.

View direct Toyota yaris body kit australia details
View direct Toyota yaris body kit australia details

Engine of the Toyota Yaris G 2018

The new generation Yaris still uses the same engine block with Toyota 2018 – a 1.5-liter Dual VVT-I 4-cylinder engine that produces a maximum capacity of 107 hp at 6,000 rpm and tissue Maximum torque of 140 Nm at 4,200 rpm comes with a CVT gearbox to help the car have smoother acceleration.

Focusing on safety, the Toyota Yaris 2018 now possesses very reassuring equipment such as 7 airbags, VSC electronic balance, HAC slope departure assistance system, reverse sensor, anti-theft system disc brakes on all four wheels and electric folding mirrors.

Aimed at young married customers, the Toyota Yaris G 2018 is supplemented with an eye-catching lemon yellow exterior color next to 6 available colors: red, orange, white, silver, gray, black. Vehicles will be distributed nationwide through the system of genuine Toyota dealerships.

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