Details Toyota yaris mk2 body kit

Toyota yaris mk2 body kit led dynamic side marker turn signallights

Toyota yaris mk2 body kit led

  • Plug and play installation,100% ERROR FREE.
  • Easy to install, directly connected to the original plug.
  • No coding required.
  • Semi-Smoked lens,looks luxurious as sport style.
  • Dynamic turn signal,scroll smoothly.Easier to be seen by other drivers when you are turning right/left.
  • LED technology,more durable.
  • With matte surface for scratch resistant.
  • Looks perfect at day and night! Watch our video.
  • This will not damage any exterior ,Truely perfect replacement!
Setup Toyota yaris mk2 body kit
Setup Toyota yaris mk2 body kit

Toyota yaris mk2 body kit review for its ability to save fuel

The Toyota yaris mk2 body kit has good fuel economy. In the city, whether traffic is congested with an average speed of only 13km / h, the Yaris still consumes only 11.4 liters / 100km. Meanwhile, when running on the highway with an average speed of 91 km / h, the car saves fuel 6.5 liters / 100km. This is a significant improvement over the 2014 model with 8 liters / 100km.

The Asian auto market in general and Vietnam in particular do not have many hatchback models with small engines. There are some models with larger engines, but the level of equipment is not as good as the Yaris in the same price range. Therefore, the Yaris is quite a separate and unique choice in the segment. This factor alone could also be a reason for consumers to consider the Toyota Yaris 2018.

Advantages of Toyota yaris mk2 body kit: Good value for money; Various exterior changes at the top and rear; The car’s interior looks more premium; Abundant safety equipment; Good fuel economy.

Cons of Toyota yaris mk2 body kit: Front seats do not have height adjustment for the steering wheel; Throttle response is not as good as the fuel economy; Soundproof system is not thick enough.

Toyota yaris mk2 body kit
Toyota yaris mk2 body kit

The current Toyota yaris mk2 body kit version offers an improved, not too different, feel. When accompanied by a CVT gearbox, the car’s performance is enough to use, but does not create a surge in the segment. When traveling in urban areas, users should choose the Yaris equipped with a 1.3-liter engine.

The car has the top level of comfort in the B-segment hatchback. Of course, in this respect the Yarris still can’t match the Camry. The adjustable suspension works flawlessly to fix potholes in the city. On the highway, the Yaris is a comfortable and smooth ride. Even so, there are still some downsides. Throttle response is not the best or, rather, relatively slow due to the direction of fuel economy.

If Toyota can balance response and fuel economy, the Toyota yaris mk2 body kit driving experience will be enhanced and more engaging. Another noteworthy point is that the soundproof and noise reduction system is still considered a bit thin compared to such a car.

Toyota Yaris was first introduced in Japan in 1999 with 3 designs: sedan, coupe and hatchback. In the Vietnamese market, Toyota Yaris was officially introduced in 2014 and distributed in the form of genuine imports from Thailand.

In early August 2018, along with Toyota Vios, Toyota Yaris was also upgraded to a new generation by Toyota Vietnam with a changed appearance and more attractive equipment. However, version E has been removed, and only version G remains.

Light white Toyota yaris mk2 body kit
Light white Toyota yaris mk2 body kit

Latest Toyota Yaris car prices
Yaris is considered to be a popular 5-door hatchback, alongside names like Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift or Mazda2. Sales of Toyota Yaris have been quite stable in recent years. Specifically, in 2019, all 2,886 Yaris cars were delivered to customers. By 2020, according to statistics in the first half year, a total of 577 Toyota Yaris units were sold on the market.

The Toyota yaris mk2 model has a lot of rivals including Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift or Mazda2 Sport (hatchback). With a listed price of 668 million for the G version, Yaris puts herself in a higher position than all of these competitors.

More specifically, Honda Jazz ranges from 544 to 624 million dong depending on the version; Suzuki Swift ranges from 499 – 562 million VND depending on version and Mazda2 Sport ranges from 519 – 619 million VND depending on version.

As we can see from the above figures, the Toyota yaris mk2 is relatively higher than its competitors, and can be completely different from 100 million VND before the Mazda2 Sport or Suzuki Swift.

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