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Details Volvo xc80 price

High-quality aluminum alloy, laser engraved fonts, strong & durable
They can be replaced at any time and are removable. make your car stand out and be instantly recognizable.

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Color Volvo xc80 price
Color Volvo xc80 price
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Suitable Car: For VOLVO
  • Used in: Car Side Fender
  • Color: Silver, Blue, Black
  • Size: 7.6 x 1.6 cm
  • Package Included: 2 Pieces


Volvo xc80 price – one of the models of cars manufactured by Volvo. Volvo XC80 received many good reviews of car owners for their consumer qualities. On this page we present you the most successful photo gallery of Volvo XC80 and wish you a pleasant viewing experience.

The Volvo XC80 also popularly called as Volvo S80 was introduced in1998 by the Swedish automaker Volvo cars. It is a medium sized sedan and was built at the Torslanda works, Gothenburg, Sweden. The car scored good rating and typically has three generations.

Currently running the third generation with high rises. The ratings given to the car was based along the test like crash test on front, side and rear impacts. The machine came with both petrol and diesel models. Both high and low end models available in the marketplace.

The petrol based engine powered by six cylinders, 3.2 petrol. A 238 ps peak power can be generated by the front wheel driver engine along with a torque of 320 NM maximum. The vehicle is able to achieve 240 KMPH as top speed and in just 7.9 seconds posses sprint 0-100 KMPH. The sedan can give the mileage of 6.7 KMPL in the city and 11 KMPL on the main roads.

Exterior Volvo xc80 price
Exterior Volvo xc80 price

The diesel engine comes with five cylinder turbo charge. The front Volvo xc80 price wheel drive produces a top torque of 420 NM and it is able to generate maximum power of 205 PS. The engine is capable of breaking the top speed of 230 KMPH and posses sprint 0-100 KMPH in just 8.5 seconds.

The diesel luxury sedans are fuel efficient. They provide great fuel consumption rate of 10.1 KMPL in city and 16 KMPL on highways. With six cylinders front wheel drive, this car has great RPM level. For petrol cars it is 6200 RPM and for diesel variant it 5950 RPM.

The Volvo xc80 price in the market is available many different colors. At the front hood the car has power pack power train which delivers awesome pick up and mind blowing acceleration for driving condition and speed. This machine is the hottest and top luxury saloon. The exterior design is super attractive and proves to be a classic masterpiece.

The Volvo S80 is an absolute stunner. The car comprises of eagle eyed headlamp cluster with chrome finished grill and front fog lamps. The headlamps are made up of halogen lights along with turn indicators and adjusters. The grille has the logo on it. At the rear, brake lights are boosted by the cluster. The two exhaust systems at the rear is the most attractive with chrome polish to it.

It has the most stunning features like trip computer, clock, temperature sensor. With the leather covering steering wheel has four spokes. Gear knob comes with both wood and leather and has a smooth ending to it. The leather seat lifts the comfort levels to a greater degree. The car is fitted with the cigarette lighter, ashtray, grocery bag holder, cup holder and glove box. There is enough ventilation function inside the car.

Volvo xc80 price is basically powered by 3.2 liter, six cylinder petrol engine along with the front wheel drive. Has 238 ps maximum power with 6200 RPM and of top speed 240 KMPH.
This machine is truly magnificent.

Overview Volvo xc80 price
Overview Volvo xc80 price

2018 Volvo XC80 Polestar

The truck is absolutely miraculous, and an exciting new corporate re-alignment will see most of the XC90’s style and PHEV tech filter down throughout the range. The new S90 limo kicks things off, followed by (we predict) a lightly facelifted XC60 mid-size crossover. Beyond that, we have new S60/S70 models on the mid-term horizon — with the first Charleston, SC-built sedans set for a summer 2017 arrival as 2018 model-years.

But if we were Volvo… what is the first possible thing to enhance the XC90’s existing style, tech and market share? An SUV Coupe, of course!

Mirroring the strategy started by BMW with the X5/X6, Mercedes is fully on-board with its slightly confusing GLE and GLE Coupes for 2016. These are both ML-based machines, but appealing to a vastly different buyer group.

Volvo xc80 price promotion
Volvo xc80 price promotion

The SAC (gag, yes, but BMW-speak for Sports Activity Vehicle) option for Volvo seems like a smart potential move. It will lure in performance-truck buyers from the Cayenne, while also firmly establishing the XC90/XC80 twins as serious, perhaps superior, rivals to the new Audi Q7 and 2018 Q6.

For these renderings, we tried to maintain as much production-feasibility for the chopped roofline in back. For example, the windshield and front doors stay the same across both models — as this is typically a priority to avoid re-engineering the crash structures, etc.

We’ve assumed that the third row of seats is now gone completely — and cut a deep new slant-roof look from two angles. And while the tops of the back doors are heavily altered, the actual door-frames and lower sections stay consistent among the two cars.

Out basis for both renders is the very-sexy 2016 XC90 R-Design, which we’ve also sportified down in the lower body. Deeper chin spoiler, sill extensions and and rear bodykit are a nice way to preview what this sportiest XC80 Polestar might look like, if it gets made. With some tweaks, the T8 twin-engine with 400HP from the 2016m XC90 could make close to 500HP in an XC80 Polestar! That would be an exciting GLE and X6 competitor, to be sure.

The logic for the XC80 is solid — it would be much larger and pricier than the eventual XC60 replacement or facelift, and could even have a long-wheelbase second row to be super stylish, but also have throne-like dual captains chairs in back.

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