Vw golf mk4 headlights

Vw golf mk4 headlights vehicle LED interior map dome

Details Vw golf mk4 headlights

Package include:
3 x LED Front Dome & Map Light
2 x LED Rear Dome & Map Light
2 x LED Vanity Mirror Light
1 x LED Trunk Light
1 x LED Glove Box Light
2 x LED Door Courtesy Light
2 x LED Spare Light

Details Vw golf mk4 headlights
Details Vw golf mk4 headlights

High quality and super bright Vw golf mk4 headlights
Easy to use,low power consumption,typical bulb life 50k+ hours
Commonly used for interior lights to replace old festoon
No delay in lighting, much safer,prevent the rear-end collision danger
It is suitable for both external and internal use
Simple to install and clean
Functional and durable


Volkswagen Golf Mk4

Fourth generation Volkswagen Golf is by no means the best version, but it still has plenty going for it, including a comfortable and well-finished interior along with a strong image for durability. And with so many Volkswagen Golfs on the second hand market, you certainly won’t have any problems finding the right car if you decide to buy one.

Despite Vw golf mk4 headlights having a renowned reputation for high quality and reliability, this Golf suffered from a huge number of problems over its lifetime. That doesn’t make the Volkswagen Golf a bad car in itself, it just means you need to be aware of any potential problems when buying.

These aside, the Vw golf mk4 headlights is a safe car with a quality feel, from the thud of the doors to the durability of the switches and buttons in the cabin. It certainly feels like a good quality car from inside. On the move it’s comfortable, but lacks the sparkle of other hatchbacks such as the Ford Focus.

Setup Vw golf mk4 headlights
Setup Vw golf mk4 headlights

But what the Golf does have is brand image. While the Focus may be a better car, the perception of the Volkswagen brand and the Golf in particular, is so strong that it will always be sought after, so selling one presents no problems. There’s a wide range of engines too from the sporty 1.8T to the economical TDI diesels, offering something for everyone.

Also known under the codename A4, Typ 1J, the fourth generation VW Golf was introduced in August 1997 and reached a multitude of markets, including Europe, US, Canada, Brazil and China, under the Bora moniker. Over time, the VW Golf Mk 4 made a name for itself due to a sense of quality (both regarding materials and assembly), robustness and comfort.

Because of this earned popularity, the Mk 4 was kept in production in Europe until 2003, while US version production carried on for three more years, until 2006. Also, in Brazil and Argentina, the model’s production continues to this day.

Powertrain & Safety

Volkswagen made sure the fourth-generation Golf would greet customers with a wide range of engines, so the hatchback was launched with an extensive choice of powerplants. In the petrol department, there’s the entry-level 1.4-liter mill (100 HP), the 1.6-liter mill (105 HP) and the sportier 1.8T version (180 HP).

What you should really keep in mind is that diesel engines are the Golf’s strongest points, including the 1.9 GT TDI version. One downfall is their noisiness, but you’ll be rewarded with an energetic response at the slightest gas pedal push and good fuel economy.

The Golf Mk 4 found inspiration in the models before it and kept some of their features. Handling is not quite among them, but this doesn’t mean the fourth-gen Golf is a boring car in this regard. It does feel composed and offers a feeling of safety and control. Feedback could have been better but overall, the steering is precise. Couple that with the soft ride and you get an overall relaxing package for long and short trips, both on A-roads, highways or city streets.

Back in 1998, when the Vw golf mk4 headlights was tested by the rigors of Euro NCAP, the hatchback earned four stars. This result comes thanks to VW’s decision to fit the fourth-gen Golf with amenities like a stronger body shell, ABS and a complete suite of airbags (driver, passenger and side) available in standard spec.

Vw golf mk4 headlights best
Vw golf mk4 headlights best

What You Get

Vw golf mk4 headlights have become particularly adept at taking expensive build quality and advanced technology and bringing it within shooting distance of the normal person’s pocket. Other competitors claim to have done this but it’s the Golf that truly sets the standard – and there’s a simple reason why.

Where the opposition have had to develop their cars from scratch within tight budgets, the men from Volkswagen have been able to throw millions of Deutchmarks at creating the finest floorpan in the compact car world. Money was no object, declared the Wolfsburg board, safe in the knowledge that their investment could be justified by the use of the same componentry in each of their other three group brands.

The result is that the latest three-door, five-door and estate Golfs are almost identical under the skin to their three Volkswagen Group stable-mates – Audi’s A3, Skoda’s Octavia and SEAT’s Toledo. You won’t care about this of course – and why should you? All that really matters is that the Germans have produced a car that in many respects is almost impossibly good for the money.

Vw golf mk4 headlights promotion
Vw golf mk4 headlights promotion

Though not all of the Vw golf mk4 headlights engines can accurately be described as ‘state of the art’, all are impressive, save perhaps the entry-level 1.4, which in a car as heavy as this just feels underpowered. On the move, French rivals can sometimes be more fun round the corners but none feels as safe or as reassuring to drive.

Whichever Golf you choose, it will come complete with twin front airbags, side airbags, ABS, a height and reach-adjustable steering column and rear seats incorporating the clever Isofix system for attaching a child seat. It’s the little touches that impress you most though.

Cup holders in the front and the rear, the self-dimming interior lights, the chrome tie-down hooks in the luggage area, the gas struts to hold up the bonnet, the special cover on the boot locking pin so you don’t get things caught in it – save to say that this is a car that makes its competitors feel cheap. It’s a car that will please those with an eye for thoroughness and attention to detail, if not those who remember what the original Golf GTi stood for.

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