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Widebody 4runner flexible car fender flares extra wheel arches

Features Widebody 4runner

  • 100% brand new .
  • High quality injection moulding fender flares with smooth and precise edge cutting finish. 
  • Protects wheel from mud, scratches, sand and other outer damage. 
  • Upgrade your vehicle with a refreshing look.
Details Widebody 4runner
Details Widebody 4runner

Detailed evaluation of the Toyota Widebody 4runner

The front of the Toyota Widebody 4runner has an extremely strong and personal design. Perhaps with an off-road SUV will be really impressed with the majestic front end. At the edges of the grille are shiny, luxurious chrome.

At the same time, the taillights are used from the latest technology to bring a formidable light, conquering every block of the road. In particular, the headlight is also used super bright led technology, ensuring safety for drivers and passengers on dark, foggy roads.

Widebody 4runner car
Widebody 4runner car

Detailed evaluation of the rear end of the Toyota 4Runner

The tail has a very compact design. At the same time the car uses modern LED technology, if we look closely, we will see quite similar to the Land Cruiser Prado.

Not only that, in the middle of the rear is a large bright chrome-plated metal splint with the 4Runner name. Not only that, the logo is also mounted on the rear side of the car. Certainly, many “owners” will be fascinated when looking at the back part by the strong difference.

Review Toyota 4Runner Colors

Similar to other Toyota Widebody 4runner models, 4Runner is manufactured by the manufacturer with many different colors for customers to choose easily such as: white, gray, black, brown, silver, blue, …


The new generation Toyota 4Runner owns an overall length of 4,844 mm and a width of 1,925 mm with a corresponding height of 1,816 mm. In which, the wheelbase of the car is 2,789 mm.

With the ideal size and the aggressive and angular exterior, the Toyota Widebody 4runner becomes stronger.

External equipment included

In this new generation, the Toyota Widebody 4runner is significantly improved in exterior equipment. In it, the car comes with a sports grille, safety tires and premium forks. With these equipment, the car will be much stronger and safer than the previous generation.

View setup finish Widebody 4runner car
View setup finish Widebody 4runner car

Seat system

All seats of Toyota Widebody 4runner are upholstered in high quality synthetic leather and ideal headrests. The front driver’s seat has heated, electric adjustment up to 8 directions and raised and lowered to suit the driving position.

The car is equipped with rows of extremely smooth seats, passengers can comfortably sit and relax for long distances. In addition, the leg room in the rows of seats is also relatively spacious and airy.

Steering wheel, dashboard

The controls are large and balanced to help the driver easily grasp and rotate. The steering wheel is fully equipped with function keys, bringing the most convenience to the driver. Moreover, the steering wheel is made of premium leather to help the driver feel comfortable and luxurious.

The dashboard is fully equipped with essential controls and information. Combined with that is the central touch screen and many quality infotainment systems that help the driver observe and control easily and conveniently.

About the amenities

Entune – the infotainment system – comes standard with the 2018 Toyota 4Runner with a simple, intuitive and responsive design. Like last year, the 2018 model year of 4Runner does not include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

However, according to vehicle experts, it is the easy-to-use feature of the system that saves the car from the above defect. The charging head throughout the interior compartment makes it convenient for occupants to use it, and if there are some extra 12 volt outlets with USB ports, the better.

Most 4Runner 2018 versions own an 8-speaker sound system with a CD player, USB port and AUX connector. The Limited version comes standard with a 15-speaker JBL sound system. 5 12-volt sockets are located throughout the cabin and family AC in the luggage compartment helps to avoid running out of battery power for the phone no matter how long the trip takes or how crowded the car is.

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