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Widebody toyota supra

The Widebody toyota supra is a product designed in many different styles, most of which are designed in a sporty personality with angular lines and extreme paint color combinations that increase the strength. and professionally for your Toyota supra. If you are interested in refreshing your car’s appearance, get on with the refresh right away.

The trend of mounting Widebody toyota supra today
It can be said that the movement to install body kit for Toyota Yaris is currently a hot trend for drivers, although the car is in many different sections, but depending on each line, there will be a set of degrees. separate so you can make your own car unique and unique at the expense that you pay for the Widebody toyota supra is not high.

Widebody toyota supra best
Widebody toyota supra best

Interior Toyota GR Supra 2021

  • Set foot in the cabin of the Widebody toyota supra, users will be amazed by the lively and modern space that the car sets up. With a 2470mm wheelbase and premium leather interior, it’s no exaggeration to say that the GR Supra has approached supercar models.
  • The dashboard of the car has an absolute straight-line structure and arcs when stopped at the 3-spoke steering wheel. The details on the dashboard are covered with leather, carbon trim and engraved insignia.
  • According to information from the manufacturer, only the first 1500 cars of the Launch Edition version have these specialties.
  • The center console of the car is also the separator between the two seats, the gear lever, the knob and the control button are arranged along the “spine” to help the owner easier to operate.
  • The seat of the car has a deep and recessed design, the seat surface is quite stretched, helping the owner to keep good elasticity. White contrast stitching makes the overall interior compartment more prominent and lavish.
Internal Widebody toyota supra
Internal Widebody toyota supra

Facilities equipped

Widebody toyota supra – Mixing in the roar of engine roars and thrashing winds is the cool air emanating from an independent multi-zone air conditioning system. With the ability to cool quickly and deeply, the owner’s spirit will be extremely comfortable and relaxed.

The GR Supra’s infotainment system has been significantly upgraded. These include the iDrive control system on the center console, the 6.5-inch iPad-style infotainment screen.

If you own Launch Edition, customers can immerse themselves in the technology sky. This special version owns: large 8.8-inch touch screen with integrated satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay, wireless phone charger and color HUD screen.

And yet, the limited version also has a 12-speaker JBL branding sound system to help bring you vivid music experiences. Other features on the Supra 2021 include: smart key, automatic rain wiper integrated with touch

2021 Widebody toyota supra
2021 Widebody toyota supra


  • To become the fastest model in Toyota history, the Widebody toyota supra has the “heart” that is a powerful 3.0L I-6 engine block. This configuration is capable of producing a maximum power of 335 hp, maximum torque of 494 Nm, 47 hp lower than the BMW Z4 Roadster.
  • The car is equipped with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission with extremely sensitive gearshifts to help the speed chase screen add excitement. Comes with a rear-wheel drive system that improves acceleration significantly.
  • With this source of power, the owner only needs to gently inch the gas pedal to feel a powerful and powerful roar. Supra 2021 only takes 4.1 seconds to perform an acceleration from 0-100km / h before reaching the limit speed of 250km / h.
  • However, it’s a bit regrettable that the Supra 2021 only has 2 driving modes including Normal and Sport. However, the car is still enough to give car enthusiasts sublimation moments and speed.
  • The front / rear suspension of the car has the form of a strut / multi-link to help the car adapt quickly while maintaining smoothness when facing obstacles on the road.
  • In addition, the car also has a 4-piston Brembo brake to help turn the “drift” phase into attractive performances.
  • Vehicles equipped with specialized tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport for this re-export. The front two wheels have a number of 255/35 / R19, while the rear two are 275/35 / R19. The car offers a dramatic experience when sharp corners and the sound of tires screeching close to the road surface.

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