Xiaomi 70mai car dvr

Xiaomi 70mai car dvr night vision dashcam Wifi camera

Xiaomi 70mai car dvr

Xiaomi 70mai car dvr Minutes Smart WiFi Car DVR, with Sony IMX323 image sensor, provides superb quality recording experience. It has the distinctive functions of WiFi connection, g-sensor and loop-cycle recording, offers you a comfortable, safe and worry-free driving environment.

Meanwhile, it’s H.264 photography compression technology and 1080P full HD lens, added 130 degrees vision angle and adjustable holder, giving you a satisfied recording experience.

Xiaomi 70mai car dvr best
Xiaomi 70mai car dvr best

Main Features:

  • 130 degrees FOV, cover wide vision range
  • 1920 x 1080P HD resolution, clear recording
  • 1/2.9 inch light-sensitive components, capture clear images during night
  • With SONY IMX323 image sensor
  • WiFi connection allows you to real-time to watch the recording and share the videos or images on the popular social media
  • Advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high-quality videos and plays a part of saving storage as well
  • High-temperature resistant adhesive, can avoid the problem of falling under high-temperature conditions, provide strong adhesive force, but also more beautiful and do not damage the car glass
  • Coupled with car charger and micro USB power cable for power supply, convenient for users to adapt themselves according to their needs in the car
  • The video can be monitored on the APP of your phones
  • Rotatable holder meets various recording demands
  • Simple and exquisite appearance

70Mai Dash Cam Pro review

Dashcams are used to record outrageous occurrences on the road or provide evidence of collision, vandalism, or corruption. However, only Tesla has a built-in dashcam; in other cars, the dashcam is purchased separately. The 70Mai Dash Cam Pro is one of the newest models to hit the market. Read on to see what I think

A dashcam is a small digital video camera that mounts to the dashboard and records the point of view of the driver. Each country and jurisdiction within the country has rules about the use of dashcams and the distribution of the videos that they record, so users must ensure their legal right to operate the camera.

These legal restrictions are one of the reasons that automakers generally do not incorporate them. The benefit to these restrictions is that dashcam manufacturers can rapidly develop features outside of the snail’s pace of evolution that automakers are restricted to.

As a result, consumers and manufacturers are no longer satisfied with a dashcam as merely a windshield mounted HD wide-angle camera that can store video to a microSD card. As part of this trend, the Xiaomi 70mai car dvr has some very innovative design and features and is an example of the rapid evolution of the dashcam.

View Xiaomi 70mai car dvr
View Xiaomi 70mai car dvr

Design and features

The physical design of the dash cam is very sleek and unobtrusive. This is the first camera that I have seen that supports mounting using an electrostatic film. This is similar to that film that is applied to glass phone screen protectors.

Xiaomi 70mai car dvr. Once the film has bonded to the windshield it is held securely in place but may be removed by peeling back one edge without leaving any residue. or film. This design allows the film to be freely repositioned without leaving traces of adhesive. This also permits the camera to be used on rented or other short term vehicle and then returned to the main vehicle. You can see the oval film in the photo below.

The camera mounts to the windshield so that the LCD display and buttons for the user interface are mounted in a fixed position against the windshield. This is a great option for a vast majority of vehicles but may be difficult to access for some vans or cars that have large windshields mounted at a low angle.

Setup Xiaomi 70mai car dvr
Setup Xiaomi 70mai car dvr

Setup Xiaomi 70mai car dvr

The camera is on the left-hand side and the USB cord is on the right-hand side. I would expect that since more cars are left side drive that the camera would be on the right-hand side so that the camera could be mounted center with the screen and buttons closer to the driver.

The camera mount has an indicator light designed to alert the driver so a left side drive was definitely the target platform when the camera was designed. The camera is mounted on a rotating bezel so that the most use of the field of view can be obtained. The camera does not have any left to right adjustment, so the unit must be mounted in the center of the windshield to obtain the best results.

The review Xiaomi 70mai car dvr sample of the dashcam was provided with an accessory GPS mount holder that has an adhesive on it and is used to mount the camera to the electrostatic sticker. If the GPS mount is not purchased then a standard mount is provided.

2M 3M Xiaomi 70mai car dvr
2M 3M Xiaomi 70mai car dvr

The mount allows quick connection and disconnection from the windshield without removing the electrostatic sticker. It also has small rubber feet so that it acts as a shock absorber for recording. The camera doesn’t have any built-in image stabilization so a little help from these rubber feet goes a long way.

Once the Xiaomi 70mai car dvr is mounted it looks very sharp and more like a built-in piece of the car versus an accessory stuck on the windshield. The USB power cable is very long, about 10.5 feet, and should allow inconspicuous mounting of the camera cable in a variety of cars.

Owners should be careful to not block the operation of airbags. If you are able to remove the A-pillar faring and tie the wire to the other cables running in this area then that is best.

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